Getting Started

Compose a page

WPComponent fits perfectly into the WP administration. Whether pages, articles or custom post types, WPC allow you to add components.

When a component is selected, it is added below the main editor and adds additional fields. The components are re-orderable by drag n drop.

What is a component ?

A component is a macro-template, a PHP file containing a data structure and HTML extraction. This PHP file is created inside your theme in a “wpcomponent” folder then a folder named by you, “homepage” or “double columns.” The components in this folder will then be available in the selector and ordained by folder.

Import / Export components

Content extraction

WPComponent is used when it is activated. It comes with a few examples of components.

There are two methods to extract the contents. First method, there is nothing to do, WPC components injected directly into the WordPress content. Default method.

Second method, the_wpc() function injected into the templates of the theme, components and content. To use the second method, you must disable the default settings in the WPC. Prefered method.

Write a component