WPComponent settings

The settings are in the menu “Settings -> WP Component”


Content type available

By default, WPComponent is active for all types of content. Disable option is available.

Component selector

By default, WPComponent provides some basic examples of components. Enabling this option will remove her from the selector.

Using the_content()

By default, WPC uses the_content() to extract the contents without need to code. Enabling this option will use custom the_wpc() extraction.

Import / Export

This is where we import components. It takes the zipper in a folder wpcomponent, upload the zip and WPC install them for you. Duplicate components will be overwritten. So be sure to name your components to avoid such errors.

Just below the button “export” will allow you to download your components folder. This archive is importable by the state and can be reused on another project.

This is one of the interests of WPComponent: a component reuse and therefore a considerable time.

Full example